Off-Roading Flagpole Knob, Virginia

Since purchasing our 2017 Chevy Colorado Duramax Z71 CCSB, we have been taking her off road on a few adventures. One of the first trips was on Flagpole Knob, Virginia, just west of Bridgewater right on the Virginia and West Virginia boarders. The Flagpole Knob trail is known for its rocky terrain and is impassable to vehicles with a low clearance (for example the ford explorer in the video below). These trails have become very popular with Jeep owners, which is credited to their solid axles that make it easier to articulate off road.

Mind you, this trail is for intermediate to advanced off-roaders; Jake and I were very lucky to ride away with only a few pinstripes. A few essentials you should be sure to bring along include, but are not limited to: tools, tow chain or rope, spare tire, two way radios or a phone (service is spotty), etc.

Our set up consists of the following: A Bajakits Chase Kit from BajakitsRelations Race Wheels wrapped in BFG A/T KO2 275/70/17s. As for the protection, we upgraded to 589 Fabrication front and oil pan skids.

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