Ride to Poolesville, MD and Shepherdstown, WV

Getting Ready to Leave 2Getting Ready to LeaveJake’s parents came up to visit us this past weekend, so we took the opportunity to take a ride. It was a hot day, and I mean HOT. We lathered up in some sunscreen, and made sure we had extra to bring with us.

Once we made a few stops to stock up on ice, water, and Gatorade, we made our way to White’s Ferry in Leesburg.

White’s Ferry is the last of 100 ferries still running across the Potomac River, from Virginia to Maryland and back. It was originally named Conrad’s Ferry, but was later changed when it was bought by Elijah V. White, who named his ferry boat in honor of his former commander, Confederate General Jubal A. Early.

The prices of the ferry vary depending on how you plan to cross: Cars One Way: $5.00, Cars Roundtrip: $8.00, Motorcycles: $3.00, Bicycle: $2.00, Pedestrian: $1.00, Trucks: Varies. If you plan taking White’s Ferry anytime soon, be sure to bring cash to pay for your way.

Fun Fact: In 2007, Clutch released a song named after the ferry called “White’s Ferry.” In the song the lyrics describe riding through the country roads of Maryland and Virginia and crossing a river where “the water is trickling” and the, “Wizard of tickets is always glad to charge a pilgrims fare.”

Homesteaf Farm sign.jpgOnce we rode off the ferry, we put in our coordinates for Homestead Farm, right outside of Poolesville, MD. We wanted to arrive as early as we could so the heat wasn’t too overwhelming, but it was blazing hot at 10 AM when we arrived. We grabbed two boxes to collect blackberries and made our way to the fields and started picking. After only 30 minutes or so we had about ten pounds of blackberries, so we figured that was enough.

We were drenched in sweat as we walked back to pay for our pickings. They also had an area where you could purchase pre-picked fruits and vegetables, so I bought a cantaloupe and some corn.

During other times of the season and year, Homestead Farm offers Pick-Your-Own Strawberries, Tart-Cherries, Blueberries, Peaches, Apples, and PUMPKINS!!! More than likely, come October we will be headed back to picks ourselves a pumpkin for Halloween.

GoatIf you take your kids, be sure to let them feed the goats and the chickens. The goats were super friendly and even let you pet them.

Once we cooled off,  we jumped back on the bikes and set out on an hour ride to Shepherdstown, West Virginia. The ride was fantastic with excellent views and a beautiful landscape.

As we were riding into Shepherdstown, you would not have known you were riding into a college town. The only giveaways that Shepherdstown is a college town are the few buildings that you see. Otherwise, it is a very sweet and quaint town, loaded with history and beautiful sites.

Blue Moon CafeIt was finally time for lunch!!! So we parked the bikes and made our way to Blue Moon Café. Now, from the outside you can’t really tell it’s even a restaurant, as it is surrounded by trees and vines; it is very unique looking. We went inside, and asked for a table out in their outdoor garden. We were taken to our table, and let me tell you it was beautiful! And even though it was hot, the coverings of the trees, the stone work, and the water running though garden made it feel almost 15 degrees cooler.

Our table was situated under a little pergola with a great view of the garden. The Town Run that flows through the town, also rolls through the garden and under the restaurant. It was nice to eat and hear the water flowing through, it was very relaxing.

Before our meals arrived, a storm moved in. Luckily we were under the pergola that was covered, so we were able to enjoy our time outside without getting wet.

When the rain stopped, we paid our bill and headed out to see some of the town. As we crossed the street and the Town Run, we passed the Little House. The Little House was built in 1929 and is ten feet high by 9-1/2 feet wide, with 5 1/2 foot ceilings, with five rooms including a full kitchen, with a piano, a fireplace, and bedrooms. The house made us feel like giants.

We continued to the main part of town to grab some coffee before jumping back on the bikes to head home. It was a great day with great people.

Over the next few days I made about four blackberry pies, as well as many blackberry mojitos, which were all delicious!

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