Free Snacks = Happy Millennials

The company that I work for is pretty awesome when it comes to catering to its employees. We have a fully stocked kitchen, including every drink you could ever want (sodas, sparkling water, Gatorade, milk, and a full array of coffee options); snacks ranging from NutriGrain bars, string cheese and yogurt, to Oreos, oatmeal, and Easy Mac individual cups. Basically, it’s a Millennial’s dream kitchen.

The Beverages:

The Snacks:

snackssnacks 2

I, as usual, didn’t have time to eat breakfast this morning. I woke up later than I had wanted to, needed to address the sunburn I received this past weekend, and had to walk my dog who takes an incredibly long time to do a #2 in the morning. So breakfast at the house was out. But have no fear, my company has a fully stocked kitchen with everything I knew I would need to meet my breakfast needs.


So here it is, my semi-healthy breakfast provided by my company: some Maple Brown Oatmeal, one strawberry Pop Tart, a few strawberries, and some milk (I also grabbed a banana for a snack later).

A full breakfast, costing me zero dollars.

According to USA Today, “food at work is the most important to Millennials, vs. other age groups.” Really isn’t all that surprising is it? I for one know that I am not the only money conscious Millennial at my company. In my office, roughly 75% of personnel are Millennials who work a typical 9-5 workday, and free food is a pretty much an essential part of the workday.

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