Road Trip Vacation 2016, Part 2 – Swansboro, North Carolina

Part 1 DriveAfter a long ass drive, we finally arrived in Swansboro, North Carolina on Saturday, August 13th, while the sun was still up! My brother and sister-in-law (B&C) own a house there, since my brother is stationed at Camp Lejeune 20 minutes away, so we decided to spend the first half of our trip in their lovely little seaside town. Sadly, my brother is deployed at the moment, but we got to spend some quality time with my sister-in-law and their two fur babies, Tux and Hazel.

Swansboro is a quaint little town with super friendly people, which makes sense as to why it is also know as the “Friendly City By the Sea.” After a much needed shower to wash the road dirt off and to lather on some Unburn, which by the way is the best thing ever for sunburn (sunscreen people, sunscreen…use it), we were off to dinner on the water.

A couple of our friends were also down visiting from Richmond, so the five of us made our way to Icehouse Waterfront where we started with a few drinks and had a nice buzz going by the time our food arrived. After a long day on the road, it was nice to relax with friends and family, while stuffing our faces with some excellent seafood. Icehouse is the place to go on the weekends, as there are really only a few restaurants directly on the water. The place was loaded with tourists, marines, and locals.

Icehouse Waterfront Restaurant

(Icehouse Waterfront)

After dinner, we crossed the bridge to another local spot, the Swansboro Yacht Club (or Swannsborough before the name change); great food during the day apparently, but we did not eat there. The place is better known as one of the local bars, and hang out spots for the marines who venture out past Jacksonville. It’s also a hook up bar for local and traveling cougars, and the place was crawling with them, looking for baby marines.

(The Yacht Club: when it is low tide, sometimes you can walk out in the water; and a picture of the five of us)

Jake and ElvisSunday morning, August 14th (Happy Anniversary Mom & Daddy), we hit up this “trendy” little restaurant called Yana’s Restaurant, in the downtown historic area of Swansboro. The wait wasn’t terrible, we waited less than expected, but apparently they have the best breakfast in town. It gets pretty busy in the summer months so we didn’t mind the wait at all, and Jake even made a new friend outside.

The décor inside is straight out of the 50’s, as if the life sized Elvis by the front door didn’t give any hint to what the inside was like. Pretty sure the wallpaper and all of the décor have been there since the 50’s too, but the food was hella good!!! The fritters were phenomenal, and the servings were plentiful; the service was also excellent, we not once had to hunt down our server.

After we ate, we decided to walk around to a few of the shops to walk off our food babies. Most of the shops were very nice, one smelled like a cat box though so probably not going back in there again, and Jake found a little antique store that was loaded with some great finds, called Poor Man’s Hole. He ended up purchasing an old Coleman lantern. We already have several of these at home, as they are Jake’s weakness in any thrift / antique store. The shop owner was pretty cool too, out the back door he was building / carving out his own boat!

Over the next few days Jake and C taught me how to play poker, which I am pretty sure I have already forgotten and I am not all that great at. We ate at numerous restaurants including: Church Street Deli & Irish Pub Inn, a yummy Mexican Restaurant more inland, and Bake Bottle & Brew (where they have a great selection of wine, beer, and delicious ice cream).

The day before we left, C took us out to Emerald Isle, which is only like 20 minutes from B&C’s house and is also apart of the Outer Banks chain, aka the Crystal Coast. We got to do some swimming and lay out for a little bit. Apparently, Jake’s skin and my skin are not all that accustom to the southern North Carolina sun, because we may have burned a bit that day too. But the water was so nice!

George's Cigar ShopWe also went to visit a local legend that day, his name is George. George owns the cigar shop in town, and is a pretty Georgepopular guy. C and I left Jake there for a little bit while we went and got our nails done, it was very much needed. When we got back, we hung out for a little while. George loves to tell stories of his life, and people all around the world know who he is. B&C love going to visit him, and George welcomes them every time with open arms, as does he basically everyone who comes by. He does remind me a bit of the “most interesting man in the world” from the Dos Equis commercials, except with cigars.

Icehouse Deck ViewSince we only brought about five days worth of clothes, for a ten day trip, Jake and I washed all of our clothes the night before we left, repacked, and played some more poker after our last evening out at Icehouse Waterfront (yes it was that good, we went back for more). We sat on the deck this time, and enjoyed the weather, it was not as hot as it had been evenings prior.

The next morning, Jake and I were off to our next destination:

Road Trip Vacation 2016, Part 3 – Helen, Georgia


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